//Smart Phone Adapter with Spy Camera
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Smart Phone Adapter with Spy Camera


  • Easily plug in and charge your smart phone or other device.
  • Built in DVR and built in and cleverly concealed camera.
  • Hidden camera records without battery power, and saves to a microSD card.
  • Motion activated video mode, activates when there is movement in front of the camera.

Product Description


Charge your Devices

Plug in and charge your smart phone or other devices.








Hidden Camera

A well concealed camera is built into the AC adapter. This 1920x1080P high resolution camera runs of the unites AC power so it does not need batteries, and saves data to a microSD card.






Motion Activated Mode

The camera can be set to Motion activated mode, so that it will only start recording after there has been movement in front of it.








Video Format: AVI

Video Coding: M-JPEG

Video Resolution: 1920* 1080P

Frame Rate: 30fps

Image Scale:  4:3  16:9

Shooting Illumination: use under lighting conditions that provide enough light to record, but to not place directly in strong light, such as sunlight.

User is to strictly abide by any local and national laws, and is fully responsible for the usage of the camera.

Set the function key to the left to begin capturing video, and have the function key set to the right to begin motion detecting video.


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