How to Choose the Right Wireless Speaker

In the last decade wireless technology has evolved from being new and relatively untested to common place, and highly sophisticated. One of the greatest applications of this technologies is the ability to have music where ever and whenever we like. With wireless speakers it is possible to have music playing in any room of the house, while on the go, or working out, or around the campfire while on an adventure. With all of the choices available however it can be difficult to determine what the right speaker to purchase is. There are many different answers to this question depending on where, and what the speaker will be used for and on the budget that is available. Here we will talk about some of the different options, and features so that you are able to make a more informed decision, and choose the perfect device for your needs.

Bluetooth vs WiFi

In order for a speaker to function wirelessly there has to be some way for to receive the data that it is going to play. The two main ways that this is accomplished is either through Bluetooth, or WiFi functionality. Both of these speaker types have their benefits and hindrances depending on what they are expected to be used for and the price range that is being sought.

Bluetooth Pros

Generally, more compact and easily portable

Compatible with nearly all modern smart devices

Does not require any network to connect too

Simple and easy to set up

The price range for Bluetooth tends to start lower

Bluetooth Cons


Lower transmission range, generally 30-50 feet

Can only stream to one speaker at a time



Wireless Pros

A longer range, often 120-150 feet

Can stream to multiple speakers simultaneously

Has the potential for a stronger signal with higher resolution audio transmission

Wireless Cons

Can be more expensive compared to an equivalent Bluetooth speaker

Requires a wireless network to connect through

Some Wifi speakers my not be compatible with all devices

Battery Life

The amount of focus that should be put on the battery life of a wireless speaker depends on what the planned use will be. Most speakers will have a battery life of at least 4 or 5 hours, with some being able to last much, much longer. In general, a more powerful speaker will have a shorter battery life as it takes more energy to produce the increased sound quality and volume, however speakers at a higher price point will often have both of these features.

If you are looking for a portable home speaker, for finishing up an hour or two of work, moving into the kitchen so you can cook to your favorite jam, and then on to the back yard to relax with friends, than a long battery life will be less of a concern, as there will often be time in between uses and you will always be close to a charging source. If you are looking for something to take along for weekend of camping however a long playtime should be a high priority to avoid the disappointment of running out of energy.


Like battery life the importance of how portable your device is will vary greatly depending on the intended use. A speaker that is carried easily from room to room, might not be as much fun to carry on a long hike, and one that fits great on the desk or patio table, might not fit quite so well in the car for your morning commute. Keep in mind that the smaller device is going to cost more than a larger one with comparable sound quality. This is why important to decide before hand the main propose you will be using this for so that you can make your purchase accordingly.


Durability is an important aspect to look at when choosing a speaker. No one wants to wants to spend money on a product, only to have it fall apart a month later. It is always better to pay a little bit more for a speaker that is going to last, rather than getting something super cheap that is going to have to be replaced.

If the speaker is just going to be sitting on a shelf in your office than you will only be worried about choosing one that is well built. However, if you are going to be taking it to the beach, hiking, or other such adventures I might be good to have something that has a rugged design. There are many speakers on the market that are designed for outdoor use, and many are also waterproof, dust-proof, and shockproof.

Additional Features

One of the final things to look at is whether the speaker you are going to purchase has any additional features. Are there any features that you need? Do any of the speaker’s features drive the price up further than it would be other wise?

If you are going to be using the speaker in the car often a hands-free calling feature might be very useful.  Are you constantly on the go? Maybe look at something that has a built-in power bank like this useful little speaker, so you can recharge without stopping.

A button for taking selfies, a slot for microSD cards, a suction cup so you can stick your wireless speaker to the wall. There are endless combinations of features available the key point is to consider the speaker you are purchasing to make sure that it fits your needs and gives you the full benefit for the price you are paying.