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We import innovative new designs manufactured in Shenzhen China, making these high quality products available in North America. Shenzhen is currently the manufacturing capital of the world, often referred to as the Silicon Valley of hardware. It is there that the world’s largest and most advanced technology companies come to research and produce the next generation of innovations. Wellvoo takes the technologies developed there, and makes them available to our customers around the world. Because we have direct contact with manufacturers we are able to offer unique products that might otherwise be unavailable, and are able to offer extremely great pricing. At Wellvoo we believe that high quality, high performance electronics should be available to everyone at a fair and reasonable price, and should not be controlled by brands placing a high cost logo on equivalent technologies. As well as offering a wide range of consumer electronics such as, computer and smart phone accessories, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, and power banks, we offer the opportunity to customize these products. If you are interested in getting products personalized with specific colors, or a company logo we are able to assist you with this. Innovative technology, for discerning customers, at unheard of prices. Enjoy life, Enjoy Wellvoo.


Hawkins Wang

President & Founder

Customer satisfaction is our top priority!

Gilles Tougas

Marketing Manager

Creating quality content, and building customer relationships

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